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Wendy Grey, AICP, has over 30 years of public and private sector land use planning experience. She is the managing member of Wendy Grey Land Use Planning, which she established in 2002. Ms. Grey was the Planning Director of the Tallahassee-Leon County Planning Department. During that time, she oversaw the successful planning of many major projects, including:

  • Approval of a redevelopment plan for the Gaines Street Corridor. The planning process required the inclusion of diverse stakeholders, including universities, small businesses, and property owners.

  • Selection of an alignment for a new urban arterial, the Blair Stone Road extension which has been constructed

  • Amendment of City and County zoning codes and zoning maps, affecting 17,000 property owners.

Key to Ms. Grey’s success as Planning Director was her ability to manage complex projects, design and implement effective public involvement processes, and her ability to work successfully with appointed and elected boards, as well as the wide array of technical experts. Since establishing Wendy Grey Land Use Planning, Ms. Grey has worked with a variety of public, private, and non-profit clients dealing with a range of land use, strategic planning and community involvement projects. Ms. Grey has established long-term relationships with many clients based on her professionalism, reliability, and commitment to project success. Ms. Grey is a recognized authority in land use planning. She is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners. She served as the planning and growth management consultant to the Florida League of Cities and was a regular columnist for the League’s magazine, Quality Cities. She was also a columnist for the national publication, the Planning Commissioners Journal. Ms. Grey has a Bachelor's degree in Environmental studies from the State University of New York, Binghamton and a Masters Degree in Regional Planning form Cornell University.


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Keith Grey has over 40 years of experience in the fields of urban design, community revitalization, architecture, planning, and landscape architecture. A former professor of architecture, Mr. Grey has worked with dozens of communities to develop downtown revitalizations plans. These projects have involved the following components:

  • Reaching out to stakeholders.

  • Assessing existing conditions, including evaluations of communities’ strengths and weaknesses.

  • Generating and evaluating alternative scenarios for revitalization,

Mr. Grey has extensive experience in designing presentations that engage and motivate the audience. At a time when the PowerPoint presentation has become a routine and mundane format for conveying information, Mr. Grey’s highly visual and fast paced presentations deliver the message with energy and enthusiasm. Mr. Grey is also an expert in the field of environmental planning, beginning with his ecological planning research for Ian L. McHarg’s seminal book Design with Nature. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Mr. Grey is a volunteer in the Tallahassee community. He has served in the following capacities:

  • Member, Capital Center Planning Commission. Established by the State of Florida, The Commission conducted design review of all development within the Capital District.

  • Member, City of Tallahassee Urban Design Commission. The Commission conducted design review of all development within the Capital District.

  • Member, Gaines Street Revitalization Committee. The Committee, reporting to the Tallahassee City Commission, oversaw preparation and implementation of a plan for a 450-acre mixed-use district adjacent to Tallahassee’s Central Business District and universities.

Mr. Grey received a Diploma from Royal West of England Academy School of Architecture and a master’s degree in Urban Design at the University of Southern California. He also studied Landscape Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania.