Integrate Land Use and Infrastructure Planning

Smart communities are using infrastructure to support economic development and are designing infrastructure projects to serve multiple goals. For example, urban stormwater ponds can serve as recreational amenities that support residential and commercial redevelopment. This synergy is achieved through the integration of land use and infrastructure planning.

Wendy Grey Land Use Planning (Wendy Grey Land Use Planning) works with engineering firms on infrastructure projects to ensure that the public investment maximizes economic development and supports long-range planning goals.


Woodville Highway Corridor Study. Leon County, Florida As a member of the Kimley-Horn team, Wendy Grey Land Use Planning served as the land use resource expert and was responsible for developing a land use concept for the future of the study area based on land use trends and the interests of stakeholders and the general public. Wendy Grey Land Use Planning participated in the community charette and stakeholder meetings involving elected officials, city and county staff, residents, and economic development officials.

Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan, Jefferson County, Florida As a member of the Renaissance Planning Group team, Wendy Grey Land Use Planning was responsible for reviewing the Comprehensive Plan and land development code to ensure that policies and regulations support a more bike/pedestrian friendly community and reinforce how the bike/pedestrian plan fits into the long range development goals.

Articles by Wendy Grey

Infrastructure Planning and Growth Management, Florida League of Cities “Quality Cities” magazine, March 2006